Rick Dorval Leaves The Flock for The OHL Wolves’ Den

It is with both pride and sadness that the Hawkesbury Hawks say goodbye to our General Manager and Head Coach Rick Dorval.

Rick joined the Hawks during the 2014-2015 season and quickly left his mark with the orgranization. His ability to develop talent and hsi style of play was not only condusive to winning, but it was crowd pleasing and fun to watch.

Soon thereafter, he added the moniker of General Manager to his head coaching duties, giving him complete control of the on-ice product and the direction the franchise was taking.

In the years that following, Coach Dorval developed some of the best players the city of Hawkesbury and the CCHL have seen in quite a while, most recently adding Mark Cooper to that list, who won CCHL Defenseman of the year honours last season. That ability to develop players and perform at an extremely high level earned him the CCHL GM and Coach of The Year as well.

The hole Coach Dorval’s departure leaves in our organization is a significant one. Truely the “Architect” of the modern day Hawks, Rick will be missed not only by the players and the organization, but by the community at large. His imprint on the Flock is immeasurable, and the Sudbury Wolves have acquired on heck of a hockey mind.

Good luck with the future from the entire Hawks organization, Coach Dorval. And remember, forever and always….FEAR THE FLOCK!