Hopefuls Show Their Stuff At The 2024 Prospects Camp

The first weekend in May not only welcomed new General Manager and Head Coach Ryan Leonard to the Flock, but it also saw 85 elite prospects make their way to the Robert Hartley Sports Complex to show their stuff at the Hawks’ Annual Prospects Camp.

The camp lasted just 2 days, but was jam packed with game-action that showcased skill, physicality and the desire to become members of the Hawks’ family.

Players had 4 games to convince the hockey operations staff that they deserved a spot in the coveted all-star showcase, which ended camp with the top 38 players and goaltenders getting their final chance to prove they deserve a spot at the Hawks’ main camp in the fall.

As difficult as these camps are for the players, it’s just as difficult for the staff, who know at the onset that on average 90% of the players who attend these camps may not be what the team is looking for.

Coach Leonard was pleasantly surprised, saying, “Camp had a great tempo at the start of each day, but as the day progressed there was some fatigue. We saw some surprises on defense and, from what I could see, our returning veterans have the potential to make a huge impact in the league this coming season.”

The new general manager also added, “There are going to be some difficult decisions to be made later this summer, but I feel at this time there is a strong nucleus to work with. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen at our main camp in August.”

Head Scout Rick Mulder, who has been scouting hockey players for decades, pointed out “Out of all the players you look at over a lifetime, if you get it right just 5% of the time, you’re doing your job.” He isn’t wrong about that. In some cases, a player’s talent is easy to see…in other cases, they are just starting to show their true potential.

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